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Brisbane Concrete Cutting0488 661 550

Brisbane Concrete Cutting & Drilling

Always the best cutting & drilling rates! 

Concrete Sawing & Drilling from only

$160 + GST (Minimum call out)

Formally Pat Kelly & Sons Concrete Cutting


Pat Kelly & Sons are a Brisbane based concrete cutting, core drilling, grinding and polished concrete floor company. Our methods are truly the professional advantage in the building and renovation industry. Our sawing tools have many advantages and can also provide increased productivity over other renovation methods.  With the expertise of our professional operators, the true advantages of concrete cutting can be realised, they include reduced downtime, precise cutting, maintenance of structural integrity, reduced noise, dust and debris, limited-access cutting, and the ability to cut heavily-reinforced slabs.

Feel free to contact us for any advise and to see if we can help bring your project in on time and on budget with our great cutting rates.

Core Drilling

from 10mm to 3.2meter diameter with virtually unlimited depth

 Drill Concrete Block Wall  Core Drilling Services  Cole Drilling Bollard Holes

Click here to see photos of core drilling in action.

Ideal for drilling holes in floors, walls, ceilings (inverted), and anchoring systems. Fast and accurate drilling of reinforced concrete, cement pipe, brick, block and stone using either electric, petrol or hydraulic drills.

Hand Concrete Sawing

with fume free operation to a depth of 400mm from one side or 800mm from both sides, flush cutting available

 Cutting Penetrations  Concrete Cutting Flush with Wall  Concrete Sawing Flush with Floor

Click here to see jobs completed using a quick cut machine.

These machines are used for cutting both horizontal and vertical surfaces of block, brick, reinforced concrete and pre-cast concrete cutting.

Some applications include wall removal, door openings, window openings and cutting where a road saw is not accessible.

Flush cutting to the roof, floor and walls can be realised using our hydraulic flush cut machine.

We have machines that are electric, petrol and hydraulic powered to ensure we have a solution for cutting in any environment including confined spaces.

Road Sawing

to a depth of 675mm


Concrete Cutting Supermarket Road Sawing Concrete

Click here to see cutting jobs completed using a road saw.

Road or Flat sawing is ideal for cutting horizontal flat surfaces such as concrete floors, bridge decks, pavements, and asphalt roads.

Our electric saws are powerful, flexible and maneuverable with a very wide range of applications. They are great for use in shopping centers, hospitals or anywhere fume free cutting is the preferred method.

Soff Cut

​early entry joint sawing

Soft Cutting Joints      Soff-Cut Joints

Soff-cut or Early-entry sawing can begin as soon as 1 to 2 hours after concrete placement.  Early-entry concrete saws are much lighter than conventional concrete sawing equipment, which allows them to be used on concrete at a much earlier stage, often as soon as workers can walk on the concrete.

Track / Wall Sawing

cutting to a depth of 730mm from one side

 Brisbane Concrete Wall Sawing

A wall saw is remotely operated making it perfect for confined spaces and demolition work. Its powerful motor makes it perfect for deep cutting of heavily reinforced concrete walls. All cutting is fume free and being a modular system it can be used in hard access areas that other saws such as a road saw can not be used.

Wire Sawing

 Brisbane Concrete Wire Sawing

Diamond wire sawing is more efficient than circular saws, able to cut almost any thickness. This makes them very useful for the kind of heavy demolition found in bridges, damns and thick structures. In addition, they create little dust, noise and vibration, making them ideal for demolition work within inhabited structures.

Concrete X-Ray - GPR

Brisbane Concrete XRAY services! - Hit Prevention!

We can X-RAY scan the concrete before we core drill and saw. 

Unlike most cutting and drilling companies that are only now just buying Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) X-Ray equipment and expecting there cutting and drilling operators to quickly learn the art of interpreting the scanning results, we have a dedicated team for scanning that have several years of experience and are experts in concrete scanning and a dedicated team that are experienced in cutting and drilling.

Please visit other divisions of our company that include the following services:

Polished Concrete Brisbane

Concrete Scarifying / Planing - Trip Hazard Removal 

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